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Ausgabe 48

Ausgabe 48 und meine Spannung innerlich steigt und steigt. Noch zwei Ausgaben und die 50. Ausgabe ist gelaufen.

Diese Ausgabe und die Veränderungen daran sind durch den Hörer Anton Purilino bestimmt. Anton schrieb mir, das es bei ihm so ankommt, als ob die Musik im Vergleich zur Sprache zu laut sei und ob ich da noch was dran ?drehen kann?. Das habe ich versucht und ich hoffe mal, das Anton sich auch noch mal meldet ob das nun wieder besser ist, oder nicht.

Was macht der Soundteppich? Nun, der liegt so rum :-) Ich habe nochmals auf eine schon gespielte Künstlerin zurück gegrifffen: Adrina Thorpe

Hier die Daten, die ich von gefunden habe:

Adrina Thorpe

Adrina Thorpe's Newsletter

Genre: Pop
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Adrina Thorpe has been writing songs almost as long as she can remember. Her first song was written on a rainy car ride home when she was six. "All I can remember is looking through the foggy streaked window at little bursts of light outside in the pitch black sky, hearing the sound of the car's engine, and coming up with a song that brought me to tears that night. It was a song about a friend of mine who left our school without ever telling me goodbye. I think from that day on, I've always loved slow melancholy songs the best." Singer/songwriter and pianist, Adrina Thorpe, is a refreshing sound in adult alternative pop. Her style reflects the softer side of music, but that doesn't mean it doesn't shake people up. With a haunting voice and delicate touch at the piano, Adrina captures every audience and sends them on an emotion filled journey with her heartfelt lyrics. Adrina has been inspired by artists on all ends of the musical spectrum, including Sarah McLachlan (Adrina's all time favorite artist), Coldplay, Five for Fighting, Tori Amos, Paula Cole, Dido, Evanescence and Chantal Kreviazuk. However her sound still retains its uniqueness. This may quite possibly be attributed to the fact that during Adrina's formative years she was completely immersed in classical music and musical theater. Adrina's father, a stunning classical pianist, died tragically young due to an unexpected heart attack at the age of thirty-four... three weeks after Adrina was born. After his death, Adrina's mother sentimentally decided that Adrina must learn to play piano from the age of four to the age of eighteen, no questions asked. Throughout the years, Adrina went on to learn piece after classical piece, winning competitions statewide for performance. But it was the love of writing that held Adrina's soul. Often, Adrina would slip into the front room of the house and play her emotions out on the piano to the simple moonlight falling on the piano keys through the vaulted windows. Adrina's debut album, "elusive" is full of intricate, poignant, honest, and gentle emotion. Delicate piano melodies and lush vocals weave in and out of each other, drifting amid the punchy bass and drum lines. Wild and tame, strong and simple... the songs find their way into the deepest crevices of the heart. Like paper-thin sunrise on the gray ocean waves...Adrina's melodies captivate listeners with their distinct beauty. Perhaps it was inevitable that Adrina would be a musician. And perhaps today, it was inevitable that her music found you. **Adrina's album, "elusive", was produced by Dave Bassett (producing/recording credits with Lisa Loeb, Evan and Jarron, Joe Bonamassa, etc.) and Phil Swann (producing/recording credits with Helen Slater, Phil Christie, etc.) "Adrina's going to make some noise in this racket everybody. Listen to her music and tell me I'm wrong...I dare you." ~Phil Swann "A wonderful artist and definitely one that needs lots of exposure - America needs your music, especially in these stressful times. ? - Live Magazine, Bob Leggett ?Thank you so much for gracing our radio show this afternoon. You were wonderful and the songs sounded really cool on the air! An incredible debut album!? -Maui's WILD 105.5 FM KPMW and KEAO 91.5 FM MANA'O RADIO ?The music of singer/songwriter Adrina Thorpe is simply amazing. Her whispered yet lush vocals and well-composed melodies will take you to a relaxed, emotional state and keep you listening. Influenced by such greats as Tori Amos and Sarah Mclachlin, Adrina is on her way to something great.? -Trib-overRide e-zine

Members [adrinathorpe] Adrina Thorpe: Everything

Artist URL
Sounds Like Sarah Mclachlan, Leign Nash, Vanessa Carlton, Tori Amos, Norah Jones
Influenced By Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos, Coldplay, Five for Fighting

Bei der Suche nachweiteren Titel sties ich auf einen Link auf dieser Seite:

Adrina Thorpe

Artist Titles:
1. Fly Fly Fly
2. More than Seventeen
3. Elusive
4. Wistful
5. Sorry
6. With Hope
7. Correction
8. Never Meant
9. Round the Bend
10. Did you Think

Der ursprüngliche Auffindungsort war aber Dort stehen diese Daten:

Adrina Thorpe

Location California United States of America
Infuences Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos, Coldplay, Five for Fighting

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On Adrina Thorpe's debut album, "elusive," delicate piano melodies and lush vocals weave in and out of each other, drifting amid the punchy bass and drum lines. Like paper-thin china or like sunrise on the gray ocean waves...Adrina's melodies captivate listeners with their distinct beauty.

Song Date Submitted: Genre

Round the Bend Aug. 3 2005 Alternative Pop
Did You Think Jul. 16 2005 Acoustic
Fly Fly Fly Jul. 16 2005 Folk Rock
Never Meant Jul. 16 2005 Alternative Pop
More than Seventeen Jul. 16 2005 Alternative Pop

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